The At Home Pedicure that Lasts for 6 Months!

Alright ladies, fess up.  When is the last time you had a pedicure?  Or had the TIME to get one??  As a mother of two young children with a husband that travels frequently, I don’t!  The other day I was looking at my feet – UGH – gross.  I’m always on them chasing Jack or up and down the stairs with the baby, I walk outside on the concrete to get Jack and I’m in the backyard in the grass with no shoes on when I have to run out and grab the dog.  My feet don’t get taken care of and it’s pretty embarrassing, okay, really embarrassing.  When you’re hiding your feet from your husband, it’s bad!  So I was on Facebook looking at some pictures when I ran across this “Baby Foot” product.  It’s an exfoliating peel for your feet!  I checked it out, read some reviews; like anything there’s some people who can’t follow directions and will give it a bad review.  I decided I try it anyway.  I got it from Amazon but you can also go directly to .

I’ve gotta say, I was shocked at how this worked!  The most difficult part for me was finding an hour out of the day when I know I can sit down and not be interrupted!  Between the toddler and getting up and taking care of Max at night that was difficult for timing, but other than that, this was a pretty seamless process.  When you open the package it has plastic booties and in the booties is a gel substance.  You just put your feet in the booties and cover them with socks to hold them in place.  It’s that easy.  But you want to try to keep seated for the hour.  It’s easy, but it’s also gross.  About 5 days after I took the booties off my feet started to peel

babyfoot 2babyfoot 1

The peeling process took about a week, but it really did work.  After about a total of 2 weeks from the initial application of the exfoliator; my feet are back to normal!  Here are some things I would recommend doing:

  1. Soak your feet for about 15 minutes before putting your feet in the booties to soften the skin.  It helps with the absorption.
  2. I would try to keep the exfoliating gel towards the bottom of your feet if possible.  I allowed mine to get on top of my feet and towards my ankle so the tops of my feet were peeling as well.
  3. Take a pumice stone/brush to help the skin come off.  I wouldn’t recommend pulling it off!  OUCH!

As a busy mom I treated this as “mom time”.  I put on the booties, socks over them, then put an exfoliating peel on my face (because just like my feet, my face needs an over haul too) and followed with a facial . Sometimes, like a lot of mommies, I get so caught up in the day, taking care of kids, dinner, potty training, laundry, that I forget to take just a minute for ME!  One of my very good friends told me once “Tara, it’s so important you take time for you so that you can give you kids the best you.  If you’re empty, you have nothing to give.  You have to fill yourself up once in a while”  Even taking a little bit of time to exfoliate your feet, face, and do a facial in your own bathroom is a great feeling!  You’ve gotta check it out!  Cheers to you mama, you’re doing great!

4 Tips to Drink More Water

As a weight loss counselor one of the things people always struggled with was water.  It was either the taste, they forgot to drink, or really just didn’t care.  I get it.  If you’re used to drinking pop, tea, or juice, water is pretty bad and let’s face it; as a busy mom there’s some days I go without drinking anything and look up at the clock and it’s NOON!  So how much water should we drink anyways?  I guess the jury is still out on that one.  Some say 8 glasses of 8 ounces and other say half of your body weight in ounces.  I say the more the merrier.  Here is why…

First of all, if you’re trying to lose weight and are struggling, the first thing I would take a look at is your water.  If you’re not drinking enough, you’re probably eating way too much.  Water will fill you up.  Especially if you drink a warm glass before meals.  It kind of mimics what warm food would do and “tricks” your brain a little bit so you’re not going to end up eating a ton of unnecessary food.  Drinking COLD water will actually speed up your metabolism.  Why?  Your body has to work to bring down the cold temperature of water to your body temperature; therefore, increasing your metabolism.

Second, water is so important in digestion.  If you’re not drinking water enough, you’re probably not going #2.  TMI but most of us are moms, so we’ve all got lots of #2’s going around.  If you’re not getting rid of that stuff that’s toxic.  Your body is trying to get rid of that for a reason and if you’re not drinking enough water you can get all kinds of backed up.  It is estimated that the average person carries somewhere between 5-25 pounds of you know what in their intestine which can lead to lots of issues: difficulty losing weight, brain fog, being tired, irritable bowel, among many other things.  If any of these are any issues your system may need to be reset with a cleanse. Here are a few tips to get the most water in to your busy busy day!

  • Set an Alarm on Your Phone – If you are dividing up 64 ounces in an 8 hour work day, that’s just 8 ounces every hour.  That’s nothing!  You can basically chug that.  If you need some reminding, set alarms on your phone.  Put it on vibrate if it’s an issue at work.


  •  Mark a Water Bottle – this is another way to pace water throughout the day.  It seems that clients would come in and say I forgot to drink water throughout the day and it was 9pm and I didn’t think I should drink 50 ounces of water before bed.  No, that’s probably not the best idea unless you water to be in the bathroom all night.  You can take a regular water bottle and a sharpie and mark it however you would like.  Here is an example with the hours throughout the day.  You just have to remember to look at it.


  • Use a Fruit Infuser – this has to do with taste.  Many people hate the taste of water.  I get it.  Again, if you’re a pop drinker, juice, tea, basically anything with flavor, water isn’t good.  Get some fresh fruit, or even frozen and throw it in one of these fruit infusers.  You can get something similar at amazon for about $10.  This way there’s a slight taste, but it’s healthy with no calories or artificial sweeteners.  You can also get a large pitcher and add the fruit and allow it to sit over night for a stronger flavor.

water diffuser

  • Flavor with Stevia – if you like SWEET, can’t put down the diet coke (seriously, put that down – that’s for another post) – put some stevia in the raw in there.  Why not?  There’s nothing wrong with Stevia in the raw.  It comes from a stevia plant and is a 0 calorie sugar substitute.


So there you have it!  There are 4 tips to get your water in.  Ultimately, we’re mostly water, around like 50 to 65% so we’ve gotta drink it.  Especially if you’re trying to lose weight.  Dehydration  causes headaches, constipation, acne, all sorts of stuff so even as busy moms we’ve gotta figure out a way to get it in.  So, set your alarms and throw some fruit in there with some 0 calorie sugar.  You got this girl!



Eat These 4 Foods to Boost Weight Loss!

If you’ve been on the weight loss roller coaster forever, I get it.  It’s hard.  Not to mention as moms we’re tired so lots of times “workout” doesn’t exactly sound pleasant, right?  I was a weight loss counselor for several years and I learned so many things from women of all back grounds.  Busy moms, single, younger, older, you name it.  Everyone has a hurdle or obstacle.  Well, the nice thing is that 80% of weight loss is in the kitchen anyways, so here are 4 foods you can eat to boost your weight loss!

  1. Egg Whites – Protein increases your metabolism and your metabolism burns calories!  Eggs are a good source of protein around 5 grams for each egg, but they are extremely high in cholesterol and saturated fat.  The majority of the fat and cholesterol lies in the yolk.  So if you’re watching your weight (and health) you may want to think about removing the yolk.Eggwhite
  2. Grapefruit – First you should eat grapefruit because it’s delicious!  Basically I think grapefruit should be it’s own food group. I love it.  It tastes great and it has so many amazing benefits. It has an actual fat burning enzyme in it!  It extremely high in Vitamin C which as we know is good for preventing sickness.  It is also an appetite suppressant and can also aid in digestion!.  Fun fact – if you’re having trouble sleeping – try grapefruit!  Grapefruit-Whole-&-Split
  3. Peppers – I LOVE hot stuff!  I eat peppers all of the time!  Not only do peppers taste hot but they also heat your body up which causes your body to burn calories faster. The capsaicin in peppers in responsible for that.  Not only are peppers great for boosting your metabolism but they are great antioxidants as well.  So, if you can handle it, throw some peppers on your salad or throw them on your sandwich!  If you want to burn even more calories you can check out this product that burns additional calories that is fueled by red pepper without the typical side effects of similar products.  Natural weight loss!PeppersAnaheimchilio
  4. Green Tea – Personally I’m a coffee drinker, but I do like some green tea.  Not only does green tea increase metabolism but it also increases fat oxidation.  Also it is said to improve the ratio of good to bad cholesterol in the body.  If you’re not a fan of the taste of straight up green tea, there are tons of different blends, just search amazon!  green-tea

The weight loss rollercoaster is tough for everyone and we’ve all been on it.  I’m not all the way back to my goal but I’m really close!   Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain, or just be healthier, these 4 foods are awesome to add to your grocery list or weight loss program and they’re all easy to prepare.  I know as a new mommy of two little kids one of the things I live on right now is hard boiled eggs and I take out the yolk.  I just boil them and then as I snack on them I take out the yolk!  Lots of times that’s what I have time for during the day when I have one baby in my arm and the other at my feet!  You got this girl!

Here Goes Nothing!….

Hello internet world, my name is Tara, I am a 30 something mother of 2 young boys, married, addicted to coffee, gummy worms, warm showers (when I can get them, LOL), messy buns and yoga pants. I have a Master’s Degree in Urban Administration which is a fancy term for working in a governmental agency or with politics. I even worked on Capitol Hill for awhile in Washington D.C.  That is until two little blessings came into my life; Jackson and Maddox.  They shook up my world and now I am so blessed to work next to them at home.

So why the name “Mommy Where Are You? ” When I had brandon and tarathe original idea to start this blog I was struggling to come up with a name,but after last week, I had no problem at all. I was potty training my 2.5 year old, Jackson and had my 5 month old little boy Max in my arms at the same time. We were doing the 3 day potty training method (if you’re not familiar, do do it!  Rough at first, but works like a charm!)  so the house smelled like a zoo, I was covered in you know what and I just needed  a minute to myself so I scooted upstairs. Not too much later I heard the cutest little voice say “Mommy where are you?”  So Jack gets all the credit! I started this blog for a few reasons….

First, I am pretty quirky, I have lots of random thoughts and since the majority of my human interaction is with little guys  who are mainly interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I don’t have much of an audience, so here we are!  I am passionate, opinionated, and a lover of life.  I have been a lot of different places in life and experienced many many things; lots of ups and downs and I want to share these experiences as I think they would really help many mommies and women in general.

Second, being a mommy is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  But momming is TOUGH.  “Mommy where you? ” is a constant ringing phrase in our house.  We’ve never been more needed in our lives. Mommy can pour the juice better, read books better, and sometimes it seems we would lose our head if it wasn’t attached to our body!  Right?  We moms lose ourselves, and I know if you’re a mom you agree.  We put everyone in our house before us; but we take PRIDE in it.  We’re super mom. After you’re a mom it’s like God gives you a special package that says “you will need this. Love,  God” In it is patience, never ending love for your children and spouse, the ability function on 3 hours of sleep, and to multitask like no other.   But doing that we have to sacrifice a lot of the things that we may want to do for ourselves. But, we do this without a flinch. As a mother we become selfless,caring,and compassionate individuals, even though we may not have possessed these characteristics prior to being a mother. It’s like a package deal, right?

Before Jack was born I worked out every day.  Rain or shine I was at the gym.  Sometimes twice!  When he came around there just wasn’t time.  My husband works very hard every day.  Long hours, he travels in the first part of the year so it just isn’t in the cards to work out.  Going to the gym with young children is tough so if you want to get those gym hoursmultitaskin, lots of arrangements need to be made not to mention it’s difficult to find any workout motivation.  But it’s possible to get those workouts in at home or even work so they fit your schedule, so; let’s do that. What about cooking?  Seriously.  I know you’ve tried to make a meal feeding an infant in your arm with a two year old pulling at your pant legs.  Not to mention you’re tired, exhausted, and you need to get food on the table for the kiddos and hubby because he’s about to stroll in the door in about 5 minutes.  I get it!  I’m there right now, and you’re probably thinking, I can’t cook.  Neither can I.  Four words.  Meal prep.  Freezer meals.

I’m super excited to hang out on the internet with you!  I’m excited to try out some new things to simplify our crazy, chaotic, lives.  It’s chaos, but isn’t it beautiful?  Hey, I know sometimes it’s hard, but don’t cry over the spilled milk!